January 21-22, 1997

Seattle Hilton

Sixth and University

Seattle, Washington 98101

Phone: 206/624-0500

Fax: 206/682-9029

Room Rates

$72.00 ($87.00 Double)

Please identify yourself as THIC attendee.

Reservations MUST be made by January 6, 1997

to guarantee room rate and availability.

Registration Fee


Student Registration Fee


Session Chair, Jeff Hulett, 619-578-6787

Board Advisor, Chuck Pope, 415-364-1853


10 West 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60616-3799

Phone: 312-567-4457

Fax: 312-567-4182

Monday, January 20

9:00 - Noon ANSI X3B5 Ad Hoc 1D1 Instrumentation Tape Group

1:30 - 5:30 PM Board of Directors Meeting

7:00 PM No-Host Dinner

Tuesday, January 21

8:00 - 9:00 AM Registration

9:00 - 5:00 PM General Session

Lunch Poster Session

5:00 - 7:00 PM Poster Session/Reception

Wednesday, January 22

8:00 - 9:00 AM Registration

9:00 - 3:00 AM General Session

Lunch Poster Session

3:30 - 5:00 PM Tour of APL details to be announced at the meeting

Tuesday, January 21 - MORNING SESSION

THIC Administrative Business

Election results for THIC Board of Directors for 1997

Introduction of Session Chairperson, Jeff Hulett

Koichi Sadashige, Sadashige and Associates; Phone: 609-727-2644; FAX: 609/767-1462: "Capability Extension Potential of Magnetic Recording Technology. An Alternative to the Alternate Recording Technology"

Ken Schoeck, Air Force Material Command; Phone: 805-734-8232, x57263, Fax: 805/734-8232, x68822: "RCC/TG (IRIG) Recorder Standards and Test Procedures Update"

Jim Waddell, Sony Recording Media; Phone: 770-579-6281; Fax: 770/679-6018; Email: "Emerging Storage Technologies and their Place in the Universe"


Roger Russ, Metrum, Phone: 303-773-4700: "Airborne Recorder Development - Physical Characteristics"

Michael J. Krans, Storage Concepts; Phone: 714/852-8511; Fax: 714/557-5604:The Use of High Performance RAID in a Digital Tape Emulation System

Tuesday, January 21- AFTERNOON SESSION

Cockpit Voice Recorders: Questions, Answers, and Revelations

Glen H. Schulze, Data Acquisition Systems; Phone: 303-973-6147; Fax: 303/933-3418; Email: Cockpit Voice Recorders: Questions, Answers, and Revelations

Donald J. Perettie, Ph.D., Dow Chemical Company; Phone: 517-636-1462; Fax: 517-636-4146; Email: Advanced Disk Drive Materials

James M. Nieters and Bill Bishop, DSP Con, Inc.; Phone: 313-662-4900; Fax: 313/662-4451;

Email: High Rate Mass Storage for Instrumentation Applications

Glenn Jones, Reach Technologies, Inc.; Phone: 604-220-6261; Fax: 604/597-2282; http:\\ A Flexible Data Recorder Architecture

Joshua L. Kann, Ph.D., Rome Laboratory/IRAP; Phone: 315-330-4581; Fax: 315-330-2728;

Email: Optical Mass Storage and Retrieval at Rome Laboratory (paper), Optical Mass Storage and Retrieval at Rome Laboratory (viewgraphs)

Wednesday, January 22 - MORNING SESSION

Leo Eccles, Boeing Commercial Airplane Company; Phone: 206-655-2824; Fax: 206-655-7724: "Smart Sensor" Bus for Data Acquisition

P. C. Hariharan, Ph.D., SES, Inc.; Phone: 410-255-1186 or 301-441-3694; Fax:410-766-7708 or 301-441-3697; Email: "THIC Website Update"

Joe Lloyd, NAWCAD; Phone: 301-342-1727 or 301-342-5972; Fax: 301-342-1534: Data Recording at NAWCAD: Past, Present, and "To Come"

Keith Burnett, Dynamic Instruments; Phone: 619-278-4900; Fax: 619-278-5700: International Quality Requirements for the New ISO 9001

George Reynolds, Quantegy; Phone: 334-745-7643: Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Magnetic Tape

Wednesday, January 22 - AFTERNOON SESSION

New Removable Media Storage Solutions

Dr. Steve Vogel, IBM; Phone: 520-799-2133; Fax: 520-799-4138; New Removable Media Storage Solutions I, II, III

Tour of APL details to be announced at the meeting