THIC Meeting, Ellicott City MD

October 17 and 18, 1995

George Rosset, GAR Technical Services +1-513-339-2903: Exploring other issues of Instrumentation Recording

Manny Soria, Datatape +1-818-358-9500: Using the ID-1 Digital Tape Recorder for Radio Telescope Data (24KB)

Steve Vogel, IBM +1-602-799-2133: MAGSTAR: A New Linear Data Storage Device

Tom Kibalo, Alliant Techsystems +1-410-266-1838: A 400 Mb High Density Digital Recording System

James D Waddell, Sony Media +1-404-441-8857: Emerging Recording Technologies (135 KB)

Mark Goldberg, DoD, Fort Meade MD +1-301-688-0860: Using a Disk Array as a Portable High Data Rate Recorder

Jonathan Casper, Fuji Photo Film USA +1-914-789-8189: Advanced Thin Layer High Output Metal Media: ATOMM

Joel Williams, MITRE +1-301-982-4092: Strawman Proposal for Archival Format MITRE, MITREDocument ,Tape Format (21 KB, 11 KB, 12 KB)

Don Sawyer, NASA/GSFC +1-301-286-2748:Status of US Contribution to ISO Archive Standards (25 KB)

Linda Kempster, IIT Research +1-301-918-1037: A Media Maniac's view of Future Technology (17 KB)

Fernando Podio, NIST +1-301-975-2947: AIIM Optical Tape Study Group

Joseph E Greaney, SAIC/IDEAS Group +1-401-312-2153: A Product Line using 8 mm Tape Technology (317 KB)

Chris Kane, Exabyte +1-410-266-7504: New Technologies: 8 mm, Libraries and TRAVAN