The following papers were presented at the THIC meeting held at the Del Mar Hilton in Del Mar CA on January 23 and 24, 1996.

Linda Kempster, IITRI, +1-301-918-1037: A Media Maniac's View of Removable Media (124,521 bytes)

Dave Ricards, Verbatim, +1-619-625-4326: Personal and Mid-Range Computer System Tape Storage Alternative, Present and Future

Koichi Sadashige, Sadashige and Associates: +1-609-767-2466: Linear and Rotary Head Recording, Pros and Cons

John Chu, EMASS, +1-303-705-3849: Optical Tape Storage (311,539 bytes)

Roger Russ, Metrum, +1-303-773-4700: Airborne Recorder Development - Physical Characteristics

Edwin Kayes, Penny & Giles Data Systems, +44-1749-671092: From IRIG to MULTI-TRACK - The Evolution of multitrack data recording (218,787 bytes)

Carl Wales, UAF Alaska SAR Facility, +1-415-364-5716: The Alaska SAR Facility: Growth Pains of a Data System with Mass Storage Needs (484,885 bytes)

Ben Miles, Alliant Tech Systems, +1-410-266-1720: Bandit - A Flexible High Data Rate, Multi-Channel IRIG Mux operating from 0 to 256 Mbits

Ellie Kurasch, Odetics, Inc, +1-714-758-0100: The Galileo Recorder - Mission Critical Data Storage

Gary Poole, Datatape Inc, +1-818-930-9447: High Speed Connectivity between an ID-1 Tape Recorder and High Performance Computers (45,545 bytes)

Barry Schechtman, National Storage Industry Consortium, +1-619-621-2550: An Overview of Hard Drive Research at NSIC (687,423 bytes)

Wesley Kuch, Sony Electronics Corporation, +1-201-358-4182: Digital Tape Format Technology (693,682 bytes)

Nicholas Harper, Cybernetics, +1-804-833-9000: DTF Applications (69,009 bytes)

Gil Van Shoor, ATG Cygnet, +1-301-621-5351: Optical Jukebox Systems

E Baugh and F E Talke, UCSD/CMRR, +1-619-534-3796: Three Color Interferometry for Head/Tape Spacing Measurements (343,444 bytes)

Y Wu and F E Talke, UCSD/CMRR, +1-619-534-3796: Surface Roughness Effects of the Head/Tape Interface (169,663 bytes)